Louisiana Birth Film Investment Starting At $599


Louisiana Birth Films

It wasn’t until the birth of my fourth child that I realized how much I adored birth films. As I watched the film, that my own birth videographer had put together for us, I just knew that I needed to start offering birth films to my clients as well. Being able to hearing that first cry, being able to see my older kiddos love and adore their new sibling, watching myself as I brought our fourth child into the world, all of it just brought me right back to that day and I am so happy that I have that to look back on forever.

As Fort Polk’s leading birth photographer, I’m happy to be able to offer birth films to my clients as well. I want you to not only be able to see your babies first cry through the stills I capture but also be able to HEAR those first cries through your film.

Currently every hospital and birthing center allow me to film births. Enjoy a few Missouri birth films here, I hope they bring you peace, comfort and empowerment as you approach your own birthing day.

I was so overcome with emotion as I watched our birth film from Dannielle. Our birth was kind of a whirlwind and didn’t go exactly as planned. I’m so happy to have our birth film so that I can really look back and remember that day.
— A Missouri Birth Film Client