Louisiana Fresh 48 Photos & Film


Those fresh little peeling feet.

Tiny fingers stretched out.

Squished little ears and nose.

 Head full of hair.

The pumped milk on the bed side table.

The way your daughter reaches into the bed to peek at her new baby brother.

These are just some of the little details that you'll want to look back on when your baby starts to grow and change.


The day after your baby is born I will join you at your place of birth. I will spend 1 hour documenting all of the little details of this day. I love when siblings meet their new baby brother or sister, it's one of my favorite parts about documenting Fresh 48s. Family is always welcome to meet new baby during this sessions as well.

Investment for a Fresh 48


Fresh 48 sessions are 1 hour long. I will fully hand edit 20-30 photos and deliver them via a private online gallery for you to download and/or print. There is also the option to add on extra albums and print products.

$450 for stills only

$650 for stills + a 2-3 minute film

Watch a louisiana Fresh 48 Film:

Fresh 48 Q&A


What exactly is a Fresh 48 session?

A Fresh 48 session happens 1-2 days after your baby is born and takes place at the place of birth. This session is to capture baby just 24-48 hours old before their looks already start changing! This won't be an overly posed session so don't worry about dressing up or anything if you don't want to. Be comfortable and just hang out with your partner and new babe. I'll put baby a few different places, wrapped up, undressed and on mom/dad/family. This session is great for capturing family members and siblings meeting new baby for the first time!

are you on call for a fresh 48 session?

Technically the answer to this is no, I am not on call. I do however like for you to contact me when you go into labor and when the baby is born. This way I can plan my life around coming up to you the following day!


what happens if my baby is in the nicu?

Most NICUs will allow photographers in as they know how important this time is for the families. I am happy to come shoot your Fresh 48 in the NICU if your hospital allows it as this is your babies story. I am also more then happy to come up and shoot a mini session for when your baby graduates the NICU and gets to go home with you! We can always discuss all of the details to this if it happens.

My partner and i don't really want to be in the photos, is that okay?

While I will highly recommend that you both be in the photos, so that you can look back on them one day, I am obviously not going to force you! I understand not everyone is comfortable with photos and some mamas are just not feeling up to being in photos after a long hard birth. I am also always happy to take them and then you can decide later on if you'd like them or not just in case.


Is it okay if my other kids or parents come up during the session?

Yes! Of course of course this is ok! I love when I older siblings come up and I get to capture their first reactions of meeting the new baby of the family and same goes for the grandparents. I will usually come up there about an hour before you plan to bring siblings/grandparents up so that I can focus on baby and parents first and make sure I get everything I want to with just them before everyone else gets up there. This way I've gotten baby by themselves shots before they start getting passed around to everyone.

This is a lot of money! I'm not sure that I can afford it, do you offer payment plans?

I know that the price can be a bit overwhelming at first and a bit hard to swallow but I do not require full payment up front. There are a few things you can do to pay for your session. I only require a deposit upon booking your session, after this you may pay as you go up until 38 weeks when the full amount is due. Do you think family and friends will help? Add your fresh 48 session to your baby registry so that family and friends can purchase gift certificates for you! There are ways to make this work and I promise you that it will be worth it! 

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