Louisiana Birth Stories Investment

Hiring a professional birth photographer allows your loved ones to be in the moment during a time in your life that will never be just the same again. While birth photography is a luxury investment, please feel free to contact me about custom payment plans or a gift registry. Each birth story comes with a complimentary, in studio, Raw Maternity session.

Birth stories | Starting at $1300

As Fort Polk, LA leading Birth Photographer I am honored to witness the incredible strength, determination and transformation of a woman/mother. I document the raw beauty of not only birth but womanhood. I document the real emotions and authentic love between partners, between parents, between mothers and babies. Capturing a mother gazing into her babies eyes for the first time is amazing - but I can’t lie there are the moments that I feel like we often forget about that I love to document even more. The support of your partner in a quiet hallway or dark room, the connection you have with your baby and body as the next wave rolls in, the moment when tears stream down your face when you think you can’t go on any longer — and the moment when you CAN do it and you roar that baby out and into your arms. Birth is amazing and beautiful, but it’s also hard and messy and raw and real. I want to authentically tell your birth story, every beautiful and messy bit of it, so that you can look back one day and remember all of the things you went through to bring your baby earth side.


Louisiana Raw Postpartum Investment

Loving the skin that you’re in, a few days after having baby, a few weeks down the road, a couple months later or even a year postpartum. It’s so important that we look at ourselves, with this tiny little human in our arms, and remember all that our body did for us. It’s important to learn to love our bodies for not only ourselves but the children we are raising, the ones that see us and hear us every day.

Raw Postpartum Sessions | starting at $350

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