A day of mommy and me minis.

Mommy and me sessions are some of my favorites. I love being able to capture moms with their sweet babes. Usually us moms are the ones behind the camera right? So it's nice to be able to get moms out in front and interacting with their kiddos. I love watching them all laugh and giggle together, show me their secret hand shakes, tell each other secrets and jokes or just sit down on the ground and snuggle up together.

This beautiful field of purple flowers was the perfect setting for mommy and me minis! Enjoy some photos from these sessions.


Brittany and Landon. I just love these two. Landon is such a funny little guy and loves his mama so much. He's super excited for his baby sister that is due in just a few weeks now too! I can't wait to come back and take photos of mama and both her babes.


Shelby and Kylee. I can't even tell you how fun these two are. Two peas in a pod for sure! Adrianna had me laughing the entire time with her goofiness. The bond this mama and daughter share is so strong and you can just tell that they are the best of friends.


Tiffany and Gabi. I loved these two! Gabi is turning 3 in just a few days so her mommy and me session was a little birthday session as well! The two beautiful dresses she is wearing were made by here mama! Isn't that awesome? They were so pretty! Happy birthday Gabi!