Hunger Cues In Newborns

Today we are talking about hunger cues in newborns!

Most babies should be fed on demand, and this means when they indicate that they are hungry. I'm not talking about crying though, because crying is actually a later indicator of hunger. If you are planning to breastfeed your baby, knowing babies hunger cues can make nursing much easier for the both of you.

Some of the early hunger cues from baby can be things like..
*smacking their lips
*sucking on things such as their fingers, lips, toes so on. (after the newborn stage this isn't really an indicator of hunger.)
*opening and closing their mouth

A few of the active hunger cues from baby can be things like..
*rooting to the chest of whoever is holding them. (sometimes they'll just start rooting at anything! watch if they're hungry they'll even try to root and latch at your arm, hands, annnddd face as that's happen to me before haha)
*trying to position themselves to nurse.
*fussing or breathing fast
*fidgeting or squirming around a lot

A few of the late hunger cues from baby can be things like...
*moving their head frantically from side to side

Babies should be fed any time they indicate hunger. If your baby is gaining weight and having plenty of wet and dirty diapers, feeding on demand is the best thing for them and for you!

Do you have any nursing questions or need help today? Feel free to comment below and myself and/or one of my many friends and LLC's can help you out!


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