Tongue and Lip Ties


Did your baby have a tongue and/or lip tie? Were you able to find different breastfeeding positions that worked for you with babes tie? Sometimes there are different positions and techniques that can work to help baby nurse easier without having to revise the ties. There are also times that having the ties revised may be the better option if you're able and willing to do that. Since there is so much information out there about tongue and lip ties, and many different opinions on what you should or shouldn't do for them, I am going to drop a pretty helpful link for you to read through if you're needing more information. This link does talk about revisions, but if that's not something that you are wanting to do, it also talks about ways to help baby nurse easier with ties and other things you can do to make nursing more comfortable as well.

*If you suspect your baby has a tie and breastfeeding is painful, please see and experienced IBCLC that can help you further in person, here at Fort Polk, LA, as well if needed.*

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