Laboring on the toilet

Every time I’m at a birth and mama says she needs to go to the bathroom, while in active labor, I just smile a little behind my camera. Why? Because I know that she’s going to have some really good contractions while sitting on the toilet and her body is going to move that baby down. The toilet is seriously one of the best places to labor once in active labor. Why? Gravity for one, along with the almost squat like position, without having to hold yourself in an actual squat. Sitting here almost always gets contractions stronger and brings that baby on down into position. Also because your pelvic floor muscles are used to releasing in that position/spot. You may start to feel a lot of pressure with contractions on the toilet and that’s why! Babe has moved down!

Sure enough, this mama delivered babe just 15min later at BJACH on Fort Polk!

Did you labor on the toilet?


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