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Client Closet Building Sessions


I love documenting births so much but I also love documenting real.raw.emotional and honest motherhood as well. I love the connection and honest moments from postpartum sessions, nursing sessions and mommy and me sessions. I love watching moms just be moms.

I’ve realized though that wardrobe can play a pretty major role in whether or not mom wants to step in front of the camera. Picking out clothes, especially with littles around, is tough. So I’ve decided to start a client closet for motherhood sessions to make it a bit easier to get ready!

To build my client closet as quickly as possible I’ll be offering client closet building sessions. What does that even mean? It means that you pick out and outfit you like from the links below and order it! I’ll keep the outfit for my client closet and that’ll be your session fee! I’ll only be running these sessions until I’ve built up enough to start offering from the client closet, so hurry and pick what you like best for your session! Shoot me an email and let me know what you’re choosing so we can set up a date for your motherhood session.

Take a look at the links below and pick the size and color you like best!

Free People

Free People - Preferably hunter green, black or nude

Free People - Love all of these colors!

Free People - Aqua or Mustard would be best!

Free People - Love both of these colors!

Free People - ALL of these are gorgeous! (M tropical nut purchased)

Free People - I’m loving the yellow and red

Free People - Love tiger wood for this one

Free People - One color option

Free People - Love the last two options on this one


Roolee - Nursing and Maternity friendly

Roolee - Maternity friendly (maroon)

Roolee - Nursing Friendly

Roolee - Nursing Friendly

Roolee - Maxi + Maternity friendly

Roolee - Maxi

Roolee - Hat

Roolee - Hat

Forever 21

Forever 21 - Maxi Dress

Forever 21 - Maxi Dress

Babies Roolee

Roolee - Girls Dress

Roolee - Girls Dress

Roolee - Girls Dress

Roolee - Muslin Bloomers

Roolee - Boys Pocket Shorts

Roolee - Matching Shirt ^

Roolee - Ribbed Romper (3-6m charcoal already bought)

Roolee - Ribbed Onesie

Roolee - Pocket Dress

Roolee - Floral Dress

Roolee - Ribbed tank dress



Amazon - baby boy any color

Amazon - baby jumper

Amazon - baby girl romper

Amazon - baby girl romper (6-12m beige purchased)

Amazon - Hat

Amazon - maxi dress any color (M grey purchased)


Target - boys olive jeans

Any From These

Little Girls Dress Old Navy

Little Girls Alice and Ames Dresses


Roolee - Pavel Print Dress (Camel)

Roolee - Floral Maxi

Roolee - Floral Dress

Roolee - Kira Button Dress (plus size out of stock)

Roolee - Button Skirt