Memorial Hospital - O'Fallon, IL Fresh 48 - Rory Renee

baby turban-  Ella+Olive

baby turban- Ella+Olive

Welcome to the world miss Rory Renee! Your mama has been one of my friends since the 7th grade, so when I found out you were coming into this world I was over the moon excited! I already love the stuffing out of your big brother and couldn't wait to snuggle you. When your mama told me it was time for you to make your appearance I loaded up the family here in Missouri and we made the three hour trip home to Illinois. You came into this world fast and furious girlfriend! I don't really know why we were all so surprised, we should have excepted you to make a dramatic entrance, after-all, you are your mothers daughter! When I finally got my hands on you and cuddled up in my arms I just couldn't believe how dang squishy you were. That hair! Those lips! Those cheeks! My goodness you were beautiful and so cuddly. When your grandpa brought up big brother oh man, my heart just melted. Landon is so in love with you. He could not stop smiling and telling us all how cute you were and how you're his little sister. You are going to have the best relationship with him I can already tell. You picked the perfect little family kid, your parents are pretty awesome. Watching your daddy love on you almost brought tears to my eyes, he loves you so much. Just from watching him with you that very first day of your life I could already tell you are going to have him wrapped around your little finger. What can I even say about your mom? Man, we've been through hell and back together I swear. It's rough to keep a friendship going so strong from age 13 to where we are now, but through the ups and the downs we are still the best of friends and I can tell you right now, she is one awesome mom. Watching her change over the years and then become a mom to your big brother was huge! She has done such an amazing job with him and I just know that she's going to do the same for you. You will be so loved and protected by her. She'd do anything for the two of you. You're going to be alright kiddo, you're gonna be alright in this big ole world. I'm so excited you're here and I just wanted to write this out for you so that you, and your brother, have something to look back on and read a few years down the road. Happy Birthday Rory, I love you ya little squishy peanut!


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baby turban -  Ella+Olive  bassinet bunnting -  SewScallopedLLC

baby turban - Ella+Olive
bassinet bunnting - SewScallopedLLC

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